My Process

A streamlined process is paramount to building the right product - and building the product right.


Well designed products are built using thoughtful storytelling, careful planning, and an obsessive attention to detail. Proper planning ensures we achieve this.

  • Align
  • Define
  • Identify
  • Hypothesize


Understanding when and how to use the correct research method to collect the right data requires advanced, formal training and lots of experience.

  • Plan
  • Recruit
  • Interview
  • Test


Well executed research provides insightful and informative data. Every element in your product needs to work toward a defined goal: user experiences.

  • Synthesize
  • Summarize
  • Collaborate
  • Iterate

About Me

Researcher and Strategist Since 2014

My passion for user research and user-centered (UCD) design was discovered while I was in graduate school earning an MS in Organization Development. This program was heavily focused on change management, social psychology, design thinking, and research methodology. As I advanced in my studies, I discovered Human-computer interaction (HCI), which was the missing link between my fascination with human behavior and my passion for technology and innovation.

Having a multidisciplinary background in business, and over 8 years of experience in academic and user research, I'm always eager to apply my unique skillset to tackle complicated, real-world projects that center around experience research, product design, and change management.

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